About Us

What does eThando mean?

Thando, meaning 'love', is a common unisex name in Southern Africa. In urban lingo Thando means a very sexy male who loves women. He is a good boy in school but a naughty one in a bed. He just is plain amazing, and very funny.

Jane: “That guy is so cool”

Kate: “Yeah, he's a total Thando”.

People called Thando tend to enjoy all the finer things in life that a good standard of living allows.

eThando (www.ethando.com) is an online social networking platform where people find love and enjoy all the benefits that thando (love) brings!!

Why Join eThando

Online dating has by far become the most popular way to meet the man or woman of your dreams. Gone are the days when you have to stand in a club with your friends to scan the potential partners only to find out they are attached or not interested. All the barriers to communication have been torn apart. If you are a busy person or overly shy then eThando is just the place for you. Joining eThando is FREE ,fast and easy, and provides a convenient means of meeting others seeking love. All you need is simply create your online dating profile before you can start contacting potential matches.

Safety of course is the number one benefit. Essentially you are anonymous to everyone until you decide not to be. You don’t have to give them your real name or where you live, and you can securely meet and talk with someone without worrying that they will suddenly be calling you or stalking you at all hours of the night. You choose who to speak with and for how long, therefore eliminating awkward conversations in a bar or the time of the night where you have give out your phone number without really knowing the person. This also falls into the security benefit. If you find someone that does not interest you but keeps trying to contact you, you can simply block him or her and report that person for harassment

E Thando allows you to meet people you would be unlikely to encounter through conventional avenues such as restraunts, clubs and sports, and this opens the door to more potential romantic possibilities. You can meet people from all over and find people with similar interests and priorities to better your chances of a quality match.

What’s different about eThando?

At eThando we have an innovative approach to online dating. The Chemistry Exam Tool at eThando allows you to test compatibility with a potential partner increasing the chances of a likely match. The main reason that people choose online dating is the amount of choices you have. You can literally pick the perfect person from the millions out there in the dating pool. At eThando, we are global, you can pick from any nationality, ethnicity or most common languages

How much does it cost to Join eThando?

Cost savings is one of the most appealing benefits of online dating. Real-world dates are expensive. You spend money on gas, dining, and usually on some form of entertainment, such as movies or a concert. This is money spent just to see if you like the person; the first date could go terribly and you may never see each other again.

Joining eThando is free. However, our VIP customers can pay a small amount to access unlimited messaging, private photos, top listing on search results etc. There are 2 membership levels at eThando.



*Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!   It's  all free!!

Basic member

  • The ability to place you own advert
  • The ability to contact other eThando members
  • Your own messages 'In' and messages 'Out' boxes
  • Your own Address Book to keep track of your Dating contacts and friends
  • Access to, and use of, the eThando Message Boards
  • Free daily horoscope readings
  • Access to chat rooms to chat with other members in real time
  • The ability to join in on eThando member events
  • The ability to store and display up to two photos

Gold member : FREE

  • Top listings in search results
  • Access to 'Buddy' lists to control photos and messaging
  • The ability to store and display up to twenty photos
  • Gold Member Star and highlighting in messages, profile and listings
  • Access to members profiles that only allow paid member access
  • Priority Support
  • Secure payments

Who Are We?

eThando is owned by a group of individuals based in Australia. These individuals believe that with love comes peace to the whole world.